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Last updated 11th February 2006


Fictional Tozer 
There is a character Tozer in Dickens' Dombey and Son
Father and daughter Tozers are the lead characters in the book and film High Road to China 
Uncommon Tozer 
In the USA Tozer is the 32,683rd most popular surname. 
Secure Tozer

smlock.gif (12229 bytes)      The New Zealand 'Tozer Lock'
Incendiary Tozer

smpump.gif (23867 bytes)      The British 'Tozer Fire Pump'
Henry Spernon Tozer
Watching the Chicks, Henry Spernon Tozer This 1920 painting is by the artist Henry Spernon Tozer (1870 - 1940). Described as "A painter of highly detailed cottage interiors, usually watercolours. He often included one or two figures, usually an elderly couple" 

Click thumbnail for large image 

(Painting and info kindly supplied by Barbara Lusher)




Tozers Hill
There is a Tozers Hill in Upper Knowle, Bristol, (click image for a better view),
a big thank you to Sarah Wright for the photograph.



Tozer's Australia 



Mount Tozer   
Mount Tozer photo by K.Trapnell In the far northern part of the Cape York Peninsula, the Iron Range National Park is dominated by the rugged hills of the Tozer Range. Mt. Tozer, 543m above sea level, is the region's highest mountain, there is also a saddle known as Tozers Gap. 
Photo by K.Trapnell, click thumbnail for full size image


Tozer Street 

 There is a Tozer Street in Kempsey, New South Wales. 

Tozer Road 

There is a Tozer Road, a Tozer Street and a Tozer Park Road in Gympie, Queensland.

Tozer's Canada 


Tozer Hotel
Tozer Hotel, Keswick, New Brunswick There was (maybe still is, any info?) a Tozer Hotel in Keswick, New Brunswick) 

Click thumbnail image for lager version.


 Tozer Road 

There is a Tozer Road in Ships Point near Comox, Vancouver Island, British Colombia Canada.  It's a beautiful ocean front drive in a funky little settlement. (Bill Tozer) 

Tozer Avenue 

There is a Tozer Avenue in London, Ontario.

Tozer Lane 

There is a Tozer Lane in Sunny Corner, New Brunswick  It was named in honour of the the Tozer's that had owned most of its property along one side of it. (Jeff Estey)

Tozer's USA 


Tozer Primary (4)

There is a Tozer Primary School at 501 Oak St., Windsor, Colorado 

Tozer's Bridge (6)
Tozer's Bridge In 1910 this picture was painted (taken?) of Tozer's Bridge, Athens, Pennsylvania and appeared on a postcard - anyone know if it's still there? 

Ephemera from ebay, click for larger image.


Tozer Drug Store (5) 
There was a Tozer Drug Store in Julian, California though it's, sadly, now gone. 

Thumbnail shows image of t-shirt, click for larger version. 

(Ephemera kindly provided by Paul W. Tozer)


Tozer Road #1 (1) 

 There is a Tozer Road in Ellensburg, Washington, named so because originally only Tozers lived in it. Today it's mostly Tozers that live in it. 

Tozer Road #2 (2) 

There is a Tozer Road in Beverly, Massachusetts. Tozer Road was named after Eliot Franklin Tozer who was a professor and engineer and suggested to the town fathers in Beverly the wisdom of improving that road. In honor of his wisdom (and tenacity) they decided to name the road after him. 


Tozer Street 

There is a Tozer Street in Madera, California. 
Click image for bigger map (kindly supplied by Paul W. Tozer)


Tozer Lane (3) 

There is a Tozer Lane in Portage, Michigan